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Pay your Subscription

Become a Grey Foundation Donor and secure Grey's future

We call on all Old Greys to pay it forward by committing to a monthly contribution or once-off payment to the Grey Foundation that is affordable to your personal circumstance. A minimum monthly amount of R200* is suggested. Your Old Greys' Union annual subscription is included in your contribution with the majority portion going to the Foundation. 

The full benefits of becoming a Grey Foundation Donor are:

- Automatic membership to the Old Greys' Union
- Membership to the Foundation as a Donor
- Allocate your contribution to the Pillar/Project of your choice
- Receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate for submitting to SARS to claim tax benefit. South African donors are able to claim for donations of up to 10% of annual taxable income.
- Receive the annual Donor Report and invitations to Foundation events

Signing up for a monthly debit order or once-off payment is easy! If you would like to make larger contributions or provide scholarships or bursaries, please visit the Donations & Bursaries page.

Donate Online

We thank you for your contribution to the future of The Grey.
* Debit Orders attract substantial bank charges and amounts less than R200 are not financially viable.

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