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Welcome home!

The Five Pillars of Investment


Funds raised by the Grey Foundation are allocated in accordance with the wishes of the donors. The Trustees of the Foundation is made up of selected Old Greys who have the interests of Grey at heart and who are prepared to give of their time and energy to advance the aims and objectives of the Grey Foundation. The distributions will be decided on in a fair manner by the Board bearing in mind the strategic objectives of the Schools


Representing Sport – Bursaries for talented boys, for professional coaching, tours and needed equipment. Maintaining existing and providing better sporting infrastructures to ensure all boys are able to compete and achieve at the highest levels.

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Representing Academic – Scholarships and bursaries for disadvantaged boys and those of deserving need. The provision of teacher incentives by way of staff housing and assisting educators to improve their qualifications to secure their future retention. Upgrading, to and providing modern classrooms equipped with advanced teaching aids.

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Representing Cultural – Supporting Music, Arts, Design, Clubs and Societies together with bursaries and scholarships aligned to these interests. Promoting the expansion of these activities by providing conducive facilities for the expression of these talents and interests.

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Government support is minimal in terms of capital requirements and operational maintenance needs for a campus that is 100 years old. Ideally also every opportunity must be explored to maximize effective energy and water use.

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Support must be given to community programmes and projects identified in township schools. Through support by the Foundation, Grey boys and Staff, others who are disadvantaged may receive a better educational experience aligned with that provided at Grey.

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The Grey Foundation welcomes donations large and small. Thank you for making your contribution and joining us in securing the future for The Grey.

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